Saturday, October 08, 2005

Finally it is here

For those of you who don't know TODAY is the first game of the year for our San Antonio Rampage. I am so excited!!! I LOVE HOCKEY!!! Dad got Ken and my seats moved to right behind the penalty box for the opponent. BRING IT ON!!!! I can't wait. This year we have a whole new team which SUCKS because through our friend Serge Payer (sir-gay pi-ay or pie-ee) we got to know a lot of players. Our old affiliate was the Florida Panthers and apparently the panthers and the SA Spurs association couldn't get along so adios Florida Panthers and HELLO Phoenix Coyotes. We have a new group of guys to meet and get to know...maybe. Ken met Serge through his old job at the Bandit Golf Course and that is how they became friends. We don't really know anyone form this team except Brent Cullaton but it looks like he might stay on our farm team of Laredo. If you are confused .... Coyotes are the pros NHL---> we the Rampage are their farm team our guys can be called up to play with them or be sent down to ------> Laredo Bucks they are the farm team for us. Hope that helps a little.

Anyways the cool pictures were taken at the SBC center, where the Rampage play, for our season ticket holder party. Wayne Gretsky is the owner and coach of the Coyotes and he came to the party. As you can see Ken was VERy lucky to get a picture with him..... VERY LUCKY!! I honestly didn't see anyone else get a one on one picture with him. WAY TO GO KEN!!!! I on the other hand got my picture taken with a local sports caster named Don Harris or as I call him Donna Harris. This guy thinks he is the best sports caster EVER....WHAT EVER!! I just took my picture with him as a joke. He never had anything to say about our hockey team in the past 2 years and now that "the Great One" Gretsky is here he is on him like a bee to honey. He was even asked one time why he doesn't report on hockey and he said " I don't know it and I don't plan on learning it"...Our town is Spurs Spurs Spurs.....not enough room for something else unless Gretsky is here. All of the local news crews were there and they never say a word about the Rampage ever. I hope they stay around a while and see how fun and exciting the game can be. ANYWAYS thought I might write a little something because I have been gone for a while.

I am doing fine... I started Wt, Watchers Thursday night. I will update the blog on my progress with pictures and what nots. I will also update the blog on good pics I can get from our great seats....THANKS DAD!!!

Today I am Thankful for..... HOCKEY
sounds a little trivial but it is my release. I look forward to it and Ken and I both enjoy it soooo much. My dad got me hooked...get it hooked...ha ha on it when I was little. We loved to watch the Penguins and Mario. THanks DAD!!!