Friday, October 14, 2005

I AM sitting down... you can see why I lost 5 pounds just climbing the stairs. THIS IS THE VIEW FROM MY SEAT. I was in a corner and if I looked straight down this was my view. Just to make sure you understand I am sitting in my seat taking this picture.
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Anonymous said...

Lord have mercy, it is a miracle ya'll didn't get nose bleed from these seats! Now let me guess who purchased these . . . probably the one that was at home with the back problem ?!? I'm sure he had good intentions. That would be my "big brother" and your Dad. And yes we love him bunches even if he did buy ya'll seats in the nose bleed section. At least your Momma got to see "her Saints" play even if they didn't win.
"Aunt Linda"

Mom said...

Yeppers, those were some seats!!! Darn that computer glitch that said these were the only seats left in the whole place. Look at it two ways...bad thing...bad seats and have made note to self..don't ever sit in section 320 BAD, BAD, BAD!!! Good thing...just like the car insurance, we just saved a bunch of money...but I sure would have liked to be a wee bit closer. And yes, I did get to see MY SAINTS. WE were robbed I tell you...should have won that game!